Ellen Wetmore and Jennifer Sanders are a mother-daughter team, who bought Showoffs Kids in the spring of 2016.

Ellen is a retired school teacher, having taught for 42 years, although she was looking for something that could keep her busy, yet still connected to kids and their parents in some way. With 8 grandchildren, she also needed an outlet that would benefit them as well.

Jennifer was a designer in a local architecture firm, but with two young children at home, wanted to pursue other avenues that would give her flexibility in her day-to-day life. Don't be surprised if you walk in to find the whole family behind the counter!




Wholesale Pricing

By maintaining the relationships set forth by the founder of the business, we are able to maintain affordable pricing through our vendors. We may not always be running a sale, but our prices are about half the cost of what you'll find elsewhere! 


One-of-a-kind Finds

Because we do sell at wholesale cost, we can't guarantee that we'll have every size of every item. Sometimes there may only be one in the store! We do, however, strive to have outfits that coordinate for siblings, brothers and sisters alike!

Family-friendly Atmosphere

As a grandmother and mother, we welcome the chance to interact with your child! We have toys for them to play with and sheets to color. Sometimes the kids aren't quite ready to leave, even when the parents are done shopping!